Question: I'm interested in having a Windmill to generate power for my home, but have heard that I can't have one inside City Limits.
Answer: In Mohave County the only requirement for having Windmill is based on the size of your property/lot. Currently you must be on a 1/2 acre or larger property/lot, regardless if you re inside the City or Limits or not.
Question: I'd like to install a Solar Electric System, but my Home Owners Association by laws say I can't.
Answer: The State of Arizona passed laws regarding the installation of Renewable Energy Systems that preclude HOA's from preventing their member from adopting new technologies. Their by laws may say you can't install them, but they can't actually keep you from doing it. The State of Arizona protects your rights as a Home Owner to install and use a Renewable Energy System if you would like to. This includes things like Solar Electricity, Solar Hot Water Heaters and Solar Pool Heaters.
Question: Can I install a Solar Electric System on my home if I have a Tile Roof?
Answer: Almost any type of roof can be accommodated with the modern Mounting Systems that are available. A Tile or Slate Roof covering might be slightly more expensive to mount to; but that is simply because of the care that must be taken to protect these more fragile roof coverings. There is also the extra time involved in cutting-to-fit a few of these Tiles needed to accommodate the Mounting System. This is to ensure that the finished install blends seamlessly with the look of your roof.
Question: I've heard that the payback on installing a Solar Electric System is 25 years or more.
Answer: Modern Solar Electric Systems typically have a payback, or Return on Investment of about 10 years. This however is based on current prices you might be paying for power. Electricity costs traditionally go up as time goes by, and when they do your Return on Investment will be even faster. Since you are generating the power your home needs, you are insulated from any increase in Power Rates your Utility Company might choose to enact. If you don't have to buy power from them, Rate Increases will not effect you.
Question: Can a Solar Electric System run the large appliances I have in my home, such as A/C units and washer/dryers?
Answer: Solar Electric Systems can handle all of the appliances in your home. Modern Solar Electric Systems provide your home with 240 Volt 60 Cycle power that is exactly the same as your Utility Company is providing you now. The 240 Volt source is connected into your Main Circuit Breaker Panel to provide power to your larger appliances that use 240 Volts. Your main Circuit Breaker Panel also divides this 240 Volt input into the 120 Volt sources that your smaller appliances use. The only difference to your home is where the power is being generated. You as the user of this Power will never notice a difference, except for the lower or non-existent Power Bill from your Utility Company.
Question: I've heard that installing a Solar Electricity System will increase the value of my home; does this mean that my Property Tax will go up?
Answer: Your Property Tax will not increase if you add a Solar Electricity System to your home. Arizona laws protect homeowners from Property Tax increases when they install a recognized Renewable Energy System. This meas. a Solar Electricity System is one thing you can do that adds value to your home without having to pay more in Property Taxes.
Question: Do Solar Electric Systems make hot water?
Answer: If you have an Electric Water Heater, a Solar Electric System will power that Water Heater and provide hot water for your home; but it does not produce hot water directly. There are however systems that can produce hot water directly from sunlight. A Solar Thermal or Solar Hot Water Heater System can reduce your power consumption by 25% or more. Solar Hot Water Heaters and Solar Pool Heaters Systems come in a variety of configuration and sizes The best fit for you needs can be determined by a smile evaluation.
Question: I'm interested in Renewable Energy and saving money, but I'm unsure where to start.
Answer: We at Tri State Solar and Wind offer free in home Energy Evaluation. We can look at how your home is using energy and offer solutions for saving money. Some solutions for saving energy might only cost a few dollars to implement, but translate to big saving for years to come.
Question: If I were to install a Solar Electric System for my home, how many batteries would I need?
Answer: Modern Solar Electric Systems do not require batteries at all. If you are currently receiving power from your local Utility Company, you will stay tied to them. Your eexisiting Power Meeter is reeplaces with on that can Meter power in both direections. Excess power you generate is fed back to the Utility Company and you receive Energy Credits for this power. When you draw power from the Utility company, like at night in the case of a Solar Electric System, instead of being charged for this power, Energy Credits are simply deducted from what you have built up during the day. The Utility Company will even buy your excess Energy Credits from you.
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