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Use our diagram solutions below to help select the appropriate mounting solution for your project.
Trust Tri State Solar and Wind to deliver a range of mounting solutions for any situation.

Three different options can be assembled into a wide variety of PV mounting structures to accommodate any job site: Flush, High Profile Tilt, and Low Profile Tilt.

Roof Pitch Diagram
Optimization In Any & All Conditions

No two sites are the same, with each offering a unique mix of weather, building geometry and site location. Designed with this in mind, these roof mounts can overcome most obstacles that are encountered on a rooftop and has been engineered to be easily configurable to any site and weather conditions, while boasting optimum performance.

This roof mount system has been specifically designed, tested and re-tested to offer optimum performance in any and all site conditions.

The World's most Versatile PV Mounting System.

Custom designed for each customer’s module and site conditions. Engineered to accommodate virtually every foundation option, the ground mount easily adapts to any project site by allowing customers to select the most cost-effective foundation system for their specific project site.

Packed with innovative features, our ground mounts aree fastest, strongest, most revolutionary PV ground mount solution ever!

This sleek design is the choice of solar experts as an optimal solution for custom carport structures.

It's accompanied by a technical support system that provides complete installation and code compliance documentation. We have assistance to help you solve the toughest challenges.

Experienced solar PV design of roof-top, ground-mount, and solar carport solutions.

No project too small or too large. Fast turn-around and competitive fixed pricing per project.

Tri State Solar and Wind is the only licensed contractor in our market area for
Air Breeze™, Whisper™, and Skystream™ wind turbines.
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