Photovoltaic Solar is a residential solar system that produces utility grade power that is installed on your property. Systems are all custom designed to your specific needs and budget. Utility rebates and tax credits can save you over 70% on these systems.
SCHOTT PERFORM POLY® modules are ideally suited for small residential installations as well as large commercial and utility applications with the following key advantages:
Industry leading linear power warranty
Narrow output tolerance with positive tolerance only (-0 watts/+5 watts)
Excellent long-term reliability based on testing to twice the certification standards
Suitable for high snow and wind loads - tested to 5400 Pascals (113 lbs./sq. ft.)
Available in 5 output classes: 220, 225, and 230 watts

As elegant and attractive as solar power modules made by SCHOTT Solar are, their real appeal lies within. Our solar power modules are designed to sustainably provide a high energy yield. Studies by independent institutes and technical media in various countries impressively confirmed that. It is not a coincidence that SCHOTT Solar provides a 25-year performance guarantee for its modules. Whatever the future holds.

SCHOTT Solar is aware of the high expectations of reliability and endurance that users of photovoltaic systems have. Our 53 years of experience within the solar industry helps us achieve our ambitious target: premium quality. We are a reliable partner for everyone who wishes to use this future-oriented technology in a secure and rewarding manner.

SCHOTT’s photovoltaic modules are among the most stable performers and therefore have the strongest rate of return on the market. In a long-term study by the renowned Fraunhofer Institute, which was conducted over a period of 25 years, the solar panel modules demonstrated a performance stability of over 90% - a stellar value!
Manufacturing is highly automated, thus ensuring consistent high quality.
Strict quality controls at all process levels in state-of-the-art production facilities.
We only use high quality materials to manufacture our products. Therefore, we qualify and test our suppliers regularly.
Our solar power modules are designed to yield high energy per kilowatt of output installed. We only use cells with matched output within one module. Low-voltage welding techniques and special bonding from the automobile sector are employed.
Our modules are virtually maintenance-free as they contain no moving parts.
The fact that our shareholder, SCHOTT AG in Mainz, has been successful within the world marketplace for more than 125 years, guarantees you can count on us in the long run. We keep our promises.
Independent studies prove that the energy return period for photovoltaic modules made by SCHOTT Solar under German radiation conditions (approx. 950 hours of sunshine annually) is less than 3 years.
That is why solar equipment made with SCHOTT Solar’s attention to details ensures longevity and sustainable yields. Installations that have been producing electricity, reliably in excess of 20 years, prove this on a daily basis.
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