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The Largest Residential Solar Tracker Installation in Mohave County
was made by Tri-State Solar and Wind.
TRACK RACK Passive Solar Trackers, are cost-effective, reliable single axis trackers that use no external power to target the sun. Zomeworks Track Racks increase electrical output of photovoltaic modules by 25% or more compared to modules on fixed mounts.

Since 1980, more than 19,000 Zomeworks single axis trackers have been installed, in different climates, on nearly every continent in the world. Track Racks are highly cost-effective components for domestic and industrial photovoltaic power systems; water pumping systems; cathodic protection systems; and traditional power utilities.

Simplicity and Elegance - The sun’s heat moves liquid from side to side. This action allows gravity alone to turn the Track Rack to follow the sun—therefore no motors, no gears and no controls to fail.

The Track Rack features an early morning, rapid-return system.

All Track Racks are warranted for 90 mph winds 3 second gusts.

1 Sunrise  
The Track Rack begins the day facing west. As the sun rises in the east, it heats the unshaded west-side canister, forcing liquid into the shaded east-side canister. As liquid moves through a copper tube to the east-side canister, the tracker rotates so that it faces east.
2 Morning  
The heating of the liquid is controlled by the aluminum shadow plates. When one canister is exposed to the sun more than the other, its vapor pressure increases, forcing liquid to the cooler, shaded side. The shifting weight of the liquid causes the rack to rotate until the canisters are equally shaded.
3 Day  
As the sun moves, the rack follows (at approximately 15 degrees per hour), continually seeking equilibrium as liquid moves from one side of the tracker to the other.
4 Evening  
The rack completes its daily cycle facing west. It remains in this position overnight until it is “awakened” by the rising sun the following morning.
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