The awesome power of wind is all around us. It's whistling across our yards and over our roofs. Rippling our flags and blowing through our hair.

It's a free resource. No one owns it. But you can use it. With a wind turbine you can harness the wind to power your home or business, reduce pollution, lower electric bills and decrease dependence on foreign oil.

The Power of Wind is Yours for the Taking
Residential Turbine - A residential wind turbine that produces utility grade power that is installed on your property. It is the most cost effective turbine on the market, offering a return of over 6% on investment.

Personal wind turbines work in conjunction with your utility power (power from your electric company). When the wind blows, the turbine generates clean, affordable electricity to power your home. When you and your family use more power than your wind turbine is producing, your utility power will take over. In cases when your turbine is producing more energy than you are using, you sell the excess electricity back to the electric company. It’s the best of both worlds.

Commercial Turbine - A commercial turbine that provides up to 500,000 watts of power per year. Systems are all custom designed to your specific needs and budget. Utility rebates and tax credits can save you over 70% on these systems.

A commerical turbine is a green energy statement for all to see. Using clean, sustainable wind energy not only makes a positive impact on your bottom line by reducing your monthly electric bills, it’s also a highly visible symbol of your business' commitment to reducing its dependence on fossil fuels.

Capturing the wind to generate energy for your site makes good business sense anywhere the wind blows. Even if that anywhere happens to be a retail parking lot, a mountaintop cell tower or in the middle of the ocean on an offshore platform.

Tri State Solar and Wind has numerous wind turbine models to fit your needs, no matter your wind conditions, energy requirements or the type of site you’re powering. We can install a wind turbine in your yard in about one week. No major construction is needed and nothing in your house changes.

Wind Power for Utility-Connected Homes & Businesses - A utility-connected home or business is considered any dwelling or commercial property that gets power from the electric company, or in other words, is connected to the utility.

Wind Power for Off-Grid Applications - An off-grid application is any dwelling or outbuilding that is powered by a battery system and is not connected to the utility, such as a remote home, cabin or shed. At Tri State Solar and Wind, we offer several wind-energy solutions for off-grid applications.

We have the wind generator options to meet your needs.
Check out information about these models.
Whisper 100 - Ideal for moderate to high winds, the Whisper 100 produces approximately 100 kilowatt hours a month in an average 12 mph (5.4 m/s) wind. It’s also one of the quietest wind turbines ever tested.

Whisper 200 - Larger blades produce up to twice the energy of the Whisper 100. A high-voltage model is available for transmission over larger distances and for specialty applications such as water pumping.

Whisper 500 - The high-performance Whisper 500 can produce as much as 500 kilowatt hours a month in an average 12 mph (5.4 m/s) wind, comparable to the needs of a typical off-grid home.

AIR Breeze - AIR Breeze produces maximum energy in lower winds and is so quiet that it blends into background sounds such as wind.* It produces up to 38 kilowatt hours a month in an average 12 mph (5.4 m/s) wind.
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Skystream - This is your personal source of clean, affordable energy. Take control of your energy needs with Skystream, the personal wind turbine that converts wind into clean, low-cost electricity for your home or business.

Its innovative technology and good old American ingenuity provide you with the power to lower your energy bills, decrease your CO2 emissions and become more energy independent – all from your backyard or parking lot.

Your turbine blades can be custom painted!
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