With AIR Breeze, Civilization Is Wherever You Make It

Enjoy the comforts of home, even when home seems a million miles away from the rest of the world. Whether you’re seeing the world in a sailboat or RV, getting away from it all in a remote cabin, or working on an offshore platform, AIR Breeze turns the power of the wind into energy you can use.

AIR Breeze is the most powerful AIR turbine made, creating more energy from less wind, and with less noise to show for it.

Go Where the Wind Takes You . Off the grid doesn’t have to mean out of luck. AIR small wind turbines allow you to harness nature’s energy to power your day-to-day needs practically anywhere on Earth with sustained winds. The best-selling small wind generators in the world, AIR turbines are ideal for sailboats, RVs, remote cabins and offshore platforms.

What makes AIR Breeze better?

Lower Start-Up Speeds — AIR Breeze has a wide airfoil that starts up at lower wind speeds and provides greater durability and improved overall performance. The airfoil also has a boundary layer disruptor for quieter operation.

Maximized Energy Production — The Electronic Stall Control feature reduces shutdowns in high winds, while Power Tracking maximizes energy production at all wind speeds. AIR Breeze also has more robust Field Effect Transistors (FET).

Easy Blade Assembly — AIR Breeze blades lock easily into the hub with a single fastener for each blade, and its innovative blade hub increases strength and safety without adding weight or materials. The nosecone snaps tightly in place for secure operation.

AIR Breeze Specifications
Energy Potential 38 kWh/month at 12 mph (5.4 m/s)
Rotor Diameter 46 in (1.17 m)
Voltage 12, 24 and 48 VDC
Turbine Controller Microprocessor-based smart internal regulator with peak power tracking
Warranty 3-year limited
We have the wind generator options to meet your needs.
Check out information about these models.
Air Breeze Whisper 100 Whisper 200 Whisper 500 Skystream
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